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A manual jewelry making machine in 1982
A jewelry making machine in 1995
A jewelry making machine in 2003
A jewelry making machine in 2010
A manual jewelry making machine in 1979
A manual jewelry making machine in 1984
A jewelry making machine  in 1999
A jewelry making machine in 2006
The latest technology jewelry making machine of Kutez

Kutez is a machine tools and technologies manufacturer based in Istanbul, Turkey. With our founders having a machine tools background going all the way to the early 1900s; Kutez brand was established in 1970 with a focus on the jewelry industry. For the past decades, we have designed and manufactured machines for various applications of metal cutting. Our main product lines are CNC milling-turning machines and manual machines.


We are continuously adapting the latest technological advancements to our CNC machining centers according to the future needs of the global market. We define our business not only as a machining tools producer but as a manufacturing solution partner to our clients.


As a result, we’re highly involved in the manufacturing process as a whole, offering customized machining solutions to improve the efficiency, precision, and reliability on our clients’ processes.


We feel responsible for our clients' benefits and we collaborate to bring a competitive advantage on the process by improving production technology.


Kutez has been striving to bring the latest technologies and developments in machining to the jewelry industry.


Our philosophy is;

  •  improvement and quality is the priority

  •  tailor new technologies for industry needs

  •  to be responsible to community and environment

Kutez's the Jewelry Making Machines Manufacturer CEO

CEO's Message

Dear valued Kutez partner,

Today while our 3rd generation operating what I’m passing along to the very heart of our company culture is our warm relations with each customer personally. Each day we are together touching individuals happy moments with the outcome of our work. Remembering this every moment, in every component that we manufacture and put into our machinery, before everything else we look for robustness and quality.

I believe that our technology is a platform for artists, jewelers, creators to imagine and turn their ideas into reality. Our vision, along with building and maintaining a robust platform, is to train and encourage future designers to get comfortable and creative with our machines. This is why we have started Kutez Center for Applications and Training in 2012. Since then we have evolved hundreds of bench jewelers, entrepreneurs and many others into significant producers. As long as our community craves for creativity, art and excellence, Kutez will keep building platforms to turn imagination into reality with improving quality.

Faruk Öztürk - CEO

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