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An operating jewelry cutting machine

A production line consists of many units and CNC Machines are a crucial part. However they have to be integrated in production lines and must work syncronized with other processes. As a complete solution partner Kutez is consulting and building complete production lines for customers around the world.

A Kutez CNC staff providing turnkey manufacturing solutions

Jewellery manufacturers have continious need for innovation with new designs and new product lines. Whether a new machine is added in production or a new designs expected from an existing machine we are assisting customers with our experienced team for innovation. We are supporting customers in all processes from material preperation to cad-cam,sampling and serial production. In our R&D facility we are training customer for integration of machines and giving the option to produce the final pieces in our facility or provide semi finished parts.

A Kutez CNC staff teaching jewelry manufacturers

We are providing manufacturing service for final pieces or semi-finished products in various metals.

Jewelry manufacturing service for semi finished products
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